Property Management

When profit margins are thin at your rental properties, turn to our experts for help. With our property management services, you enjoy greater profits with less hassle. Owning and running rental homes and apartment complexes costs you a lot of time, energy, and money. We help you save on all three. Let us protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—all without interrupting your daily life.

Whether you own a single home or a multitude of investment properties, you can depend on us for attentive, tailored property management. Our services ensure you get the best rental rate possible. In addition, we attract reliable, quality tenants that stay longer and take better care of your property. We’ll manage everything down to the smallest detail so you can spend your time doing the things that matter most to you. Just leave all the hard work to our property management company and watch your profits grow.

Structure Properties offers owners a wide range of property management services. Our management options give you the flexibility you need, making your properties perform the way you expect.

Services Available:

  • Leasing
  • Property Evaluation
  • Property Marketing
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Tenant move in/move out
  • Evictions
  • Legal Support
  • Property Inspections
  • Maintenance, Repair and Remodeling
  • Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal
  • Financial Tracking and Reporting

Less paper. Quick payments

Online reporting and direct EFT monthly payments to you make waiting for the mail a thing of the past.

24/7 Connectivity

Get a full picture of your property, any time, any where with our intuitive online property management software.

On Demand Reporting and Financials

Get a complete financial breakdown of your portfolio, anytime. Real-time tracking of income, expenses and key financial reports.

Happy Tenants. Happy Owners

Our property marketing and tenant screening process ensures the right tenant for the right unit. A satisfied tenant means more money in your pocket.

Get the most from your Property

We regularly assess buildings to determine if your properties are generating the rent they should, while making expenses as low as possible.

Innovative marketing strategies

Over 30 websites, social media and our own web programs – We employ a wide variety of marketing tools, helping you get your name out there and tenants in fast.